CNC Cutting Machine

The operators of the present-day CNC cutting machine demonstrate many of the same skills as those possessed by various traditional craftsmen. The operators of the CNC cutting machine include the men and women who design and make cabinets, woodwork, signs, and a whole range of metal, solid surface and plastic objects. The manufacturers who employ these operators know how important it is to have a good quality CNC cutting machine. A good quality CNC cutting machine has a cutting table that covers the area bounded by a length of four feet and a width of eight feet. A quality table can handle satisfactorily a standard 4 x 8 plate of metal, wood, plastic, glass, or stone. A table that lacks a sufficient length or width will make it necessary for the operator to repeatedly reposition the plate. Operators of the CNC cutting machine refer to such repositioning as indexing. A good basic CNC cutting machine does both plasma and oxyfuel cutting. Refinements on a basic cutting machine might provide it with the ability to perform other functions, functions such as: -spotting holes for drilling -drilling aluminum -cutting a shape in the sides or end of tubing -routing wooden shapes. Other modifications on a CNC cutting machine might be directed at installation of the equipment for laser or water jet cutting. The selection of a CNC cutting machine will be primarily determined by the nature of cutting that will be performed by the machine operator. For some operations, it will be necessary to do only straight cutting. For other operations, the cutting machine must perform bevel cutting. Bevel cutting allows the operator to trim, reduce, shave, and pare the material in the plate. Both types of cutting will subject the CNC cutting machine to a fair amount of wear and tear. The manufacturer therefore needs to purchase a machine with adequate customer support. Such support should include the availability of spare parts. An absence of spare parts could require that the electronics of the CNC cutting machine undergo a retrofitting. A need for retrofitting would deprive the operator of important production time. The need for retrofitting would diminish the quantity of goods that could be sold to the consumer. The need for retrofitting leads to a decrease in the amount of time that the operator will be spending at the CNC cutting machine. That is why the availability of spare parts for a malfunctioning CNC cutting machine remains one of the two chief concerns of the manufacturer. A second prime concern is the size of the cutting table. The operator of a CNC cutting machine that needs to spend a large percent of time indexing will not have much time to spend on the actual cutting. Hence, the manufacturer will have much less product. Fewer products from the manufacturing facility translate into fewer products on the shelf. Consequently, the need for operators to spend time indexing can prove a detriment to the company’s bottom line. A good sales volume reflects the well-planned purchase of a CNC cutting machine.

A Double Guitar is a Cutting Machine Which Operates With 2 Cutting Frames Allowing Items to be Cut Into Accurae Portions

Martellato Pastry Equipment About Martellato pastry equipment For all practical purposes, Martellato Pastry Equipment as well as their baking and ice cream is revered as being some of the best in the industry. This is a family owned business that has been in operation since early 1980 and has been servicing the needs of bakeries, ice cream shops, and pastry shops ever since. They manufacture a wide array of product categories and items such as bread making equipment, cake stands, decoration tools, and a variety of moulds. Today, you can find Martellato Pastry Equipment and their other products are being distributed from North America to the Middle East, and Europe to northern Africa in an effort to establish a worldwide distributor network. You will also find their products being used by caterers as well as numerous hotels. You will find that the company’s R&D Department and Sales Department work hand in hand at their facilities in order to advance the requirements of their clients and develop new products in the process. Martellato Pastry Equipment has become increasingly more competitive in the industry and international markets by continually investing in key areas such as manufacturing flexibility and quality control. Their goal is to continue to keep developing and enlarging their product lines and introducing newer, more innovative products every year. This also has enabled the company to deal with the largest of the alimentary industries by supplying them with personalized equipment. Purchasing pastry equipment The baking and pastry industries probably spawn the widest variety of kitchen gadgets and tools imaginable. Many of the items that Martellato Pastry Equipment has produced have become so versatile that we often wonder how we ever managed to get along all these years in the industry without them. The first rule of thumb when it comes to purchasing any pastry equipment is to buy only those items that are sure you will use. You also want to make sure that you only shop for quality equipment such as that which Martellato Pastry Equipment manufactures and distributes. Granted, your budget will be the determining factor here. However, you still want to purchase the best quality that you can afford to ensure you of using these tools for years and years. Since better quality equipment tends to be more durable than cheap equipment, you will actually be saving money in the long run since you won’t have to be continually replacing items. When you begin to assemble your collection of baking and pastry tools, whether you purchase Martellato Pastry Equipment or another brand, you want to have enough of an assortment of these items so you can perform a number of different activities. We recommend that you purchase a variety of the more common types of equipment: o cake pans o cookie sheets o pastry pans o pie pans Other types of equipment that you should consider, even though they are a bit more specialized include: o jelly roll pans o loaf pans o muffin pans The construction, shape, and size of the item should be considered as well since this can make all the difference between failure and success with your endeavors.

Hollow Spindle Engine Lathes. The Solution For Some Hard To Hold Parts

Hollow spindle engine lathes come in sizes from roughly 5 inch thru hole on up to over 20 inch hole. Lathes with spindle holes of 3 or 4 inches may be referred to as big-hole engine lathes, but are not hollow spindle lathes and generally do not have the ability to mount a second chuck in the rear.The reason people buy a hollow spindle lathe, is, most often, to do end work on cylindrically shaped parts that require end work or ID work and long bars or pipes. But, there are many parts that are ideally suited for a lathe than can swallow the part deep into the chuck and headstock. These parts are often found in the aircraft and hydraulic industry long parts of not too great diameter that need to be machined on the ID and held very securely for minimum deflection. In a pinch you could machine these parts on a regular engine lathe by holding one end in the chuck and the other with a roller steady rest, but the rigidity and therefore accuracy of such a setup is questionable.

The most common arrangement for hollow spindle engine lathes is with a front and rear chuck. The rear chuck is bolted on the back of the headstock to a special flange built into the machine specifically for this purpose usually an A type mount. Using both chucks achieves a two point, extremely rigid and accurate way of holding a long part since both chucks are fixed to the spindle and are as close to dead nuts as can be achieve with that lathe the part run out is basically the same as the spindle run out you can not do better than that. Having two 4 jaw chucks also allows the part to be held off center in the spindle so boring or machining an off-center hole can be achieved which would be very difficult with an ordinary engine lathe. 4 jaw chucks are very popular with hollow spindle lathes for another reason they allow a flexibility in set up when a part is out of round or irregularly shaped that 3 jaw chucks can not match.

The most often thought of use for a large hollow spindle engine lathe is in the oil patch. Drill pipe is held in the spindle with two chucks so the special API (American Petroleum Institute) both internal and external tapered threads used to connect rotary drill stem elements can be machined. These very unusual threads allow miles of drill pipe to be connected quickly with a single turn and connected so well that they rarely break in the ground. Because of the rough treatment these threads receive (see Discovery Channel shows on oil drilling platforms) they can be damaged and require repairs, which is why you always see hollow spindle lathes nearby anyplace where a lot of drilling is on. The drill pipe is upset forged on both ends where the machining needs to take place. One end of the pipe is a male tapered API thread and the other end is a female API thread. Cutting this forged steel in a regular lathe using a steady rest would be a slow and difficult task, but with a hollow spindle lathe the work area is so close to the chuck and headstock and the part is held so well, maximum cutting forces can be achieved resulting it better quality and higher productivity than could ever be achieved in a regular engine lathe.

Another place where hollow spindle lathes are required is the aircraft industry. There are a number of parts in an airplane that need to be swallowed and held with two chucks in the spindle of a big bore lathe. The two parts that come to mind are the landing gear piston assembly that acts as the shock absorber when planes touch down and the center core parts of jet engines these parts are long and have a lot of ID machining that needs to be done near both ends ideal for a hollow spindle lathe.

In repair work, a hollow spindle lathe can save a lot of disassembly and reassembly when a part has a narrow section then a bigger diameter section think of a pipe with a flange on the end. These parts can be machined on both ends using a large spindle hole lathe without the need to remove the flange and reattach it this could save hours and hours of labor.

In production work, CNC hollow spindle lathes have largely taken over from manual lathes for the bulk of this work. A lot of these lathes are designed for a particular family of parts for example, drill pipe, or aircraft strut manufacturing. These lathes are built around a hollow spindle headstock with front and rear chucks then are customized for the family of parts they will be making. Often, tailstocks and long beds are dispensed with in favor of a shorter, more compact design using less floor space for those shorter aircraft and hydraulic parts. A lot of the oil patch parts are perfect for hollow spindle holding these are parts designed to attach to the drill string and go down drill holes. There is a heavy emphasis on ID and OD threading on the ends of these parts that is an ideal application for hollow spindle CNC lathes.

Some of the newer flat bed big hole engine lathes are being built with CNC controls as a higher productivity option to replace the older hollow spindle engine lathes, some of which go back to the 1930ss and are still in production mainly for repair work or in less developed countries where speed and labor costs, up until recently, has been less important. The accuracy and part quality achieved by a modern, CNCized hollow spindle engine lathe more than pays for the cost difference, assuming one can come up with the money or the financing.

There are only two negatives with hollow spindle engine lathes. The first is the cost they tend to cost much more than an ordinary engine lathe the large diameter bearings and the chuck mounting flange on the back of the headstock and that second chuck add to the cost, plus these lathes are designed to handle heavier weight parts and more spindle loads so they tend to have larger gears and bigger parts throughout their headstocks. The second negative is they are always going to have lower spindle speeds than typical engine lathes of equal swing. The large diameter bearings can only go so fast and the bigger the spindle hole, the larger the diameter of these bearings and the slower the top speed of the lathe.

The bottom line is, whenever you have some quantity of cylindrical shaped parts where there is a lot of end work and/or ID work that needs to be done, a hollow spindle lathe should be considered. The time saved in setup and the speed and accuracy gained due to the rigidity advantage often can make acquiring a hollow spindle lathe a logical and cost effective choice.

Sure Cuts A Lot Review

Sure Cuts A Lot is an incredibly easy software program to enable you to cut your own True Type fonts and various shapes on your own CricutTM Machine and other cutting machines. From the mixture of utilizing your Fonts. Adding tailor made artwork and drawing your individual styles, the number of choices are never-ending!

Sure Cuts Alot includes a simple to use interface and being speedy and easily scalable. You can actually install countless free fonts as well as svg (scalable vector graphics) files from the web and with Inkscape you are able to turn pretty much any clipart file into an svg. It’s also possible to check out your Cricut mat in either portrait or landscape mode.

Use of SCAL doesn’t modify your Cricut in any respect, nor could it overshoot the Cricut’s functionality (see the warranty policy for more information and facts). Sure Cuts Alot is a piece of software that is installed upon a person’s pc, which in turn communicates with your Cricut machine . SCAL does not directly interface with your Cricut. Your Cricut has absolutely no clue it is actually using cut information by means of your system as opposed to a cartridge.

What do I like about Sure Cuts A Lot?

No Cartridges!! This is the main thing. The next most significant thing is layout! Incredible! This program helps you do layouts in layers or “pages” so you can view just what your card or design will be like before you make them.

Sure Cuts A Lot also cuts just about any pattern, picture, clipart, or structure you want. Much like Design Studio and also the cartridges for Cricut , you are able to cut fonts and pictures using Sure Cuts A Lot – the exception with Sure Cuts Alot is that you can cut any typeface and virtually any graphic you’ll need, you are not restricted to those things Cricut chooses to release in a cartridge.

You will find fonts on the internet you can download and install that look comparable to the Cricut cartridge fonts (and in all likelihood free of cost), and every font may be welded within Sure Cuts A Lot. Because the Cricut cartridge fonts will be copyrighted, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll find that particular typeface anywhere else, but you will find tons of fonts on the net, and i also assure you will find several that appear to be identical to what is on one of the cartridges.

It also will allow creating a mat backdrop completely around a different element. Likewise while using the great pens from cri-kits it is possible to format your design and draw specific components after which you can cut others. It does not get much better than that!

Welding words together, making customized shadows around nearly anything, creating your own personal layout to cut from a picture conveniently within the software is all icing on the cake.

For those who own a cricut really should buy this software. The Cri-Kits gel pens are strongly recommended too as they quite simply add a totally new dimension to all your crafting and Cri-Kits also offer individual line fonts which Sure Cuts A Lot is able to use to draw the letter in a single line!

What’s missing from the package?

I do prefer that the software would have come with an instruction guide, nonetheless all you need to know can be found on the internet, therefore it is not too big of a deal. I actually have discovered plenty of really nice totally free dingbats by simply doing a search for free svg files via the internet. This is actually the right way to go in case you are not trying to invest a bunch of your money. This is user-friendly and uncomplicated once you have it installed.

Choose the Right Shop For Purchasing Metal Cutting Saw Blade

The cutting of metals provides the possibility of having metal cuts into various sizes and shape required by an individual. Of course it is a tricky material to be cut. Thus, to cut the metals there are various tools required and among them the metal cutting saw blade is the one. No doubt these tools can cut the metals easily, but where to find these tools? To this question, there are various shops that sell these tools, but finding the reliable one is the real challenge. So, before choosing any shop it is wise go through the given points.

Make a Thorough Study: You must make a thorough study to know exactly what to expect from a reliable supplier of metal cutting tools. In today’s time, when almost everyone has easy access to the Internet, it has become very easy to get essential information on every field. You can therefore either search online or ask people about the names of reputed suppliers and the necessary aspects you should look for in them. This can help you immensely in making a right choice.

Experience: Once you have shortlisted the name of some of the reputed shops, you need to consider the number of years they have been in the market. Experience is one of the significant factors that increase the efficiency of a particular shop. It helps them in understanding the requirements of their clients and offers them with items that best suit their requirements.

Top Brands: Reliable shops for metal cutting tools should be able to offer products from top brands at a reasonable price. They should be able to offer their clients with the right item that best cater their needs, budget and preferences.

Price: Really, it is an expensive affair to buy the right equipment required for your home. It is therefore essential to keep an eye on the price you are paying for the tools. Preferable you should get into the business with such a shop that is capable of offering these tools at a quite lower price than any other shops.

How To Repair Jammed Hedge Trimmers

The frequent use of powered hedge trimmers poses the risk of the blades becoming jammed (and it is highly likely that this will happen to your model at least once). The most common cause of jamming is due to dull blades and debris becoming caught in the cutting mechanism. Finding that your trimmer has jammed up, however, does not mean that you have take it to a professional to get it repaired or that you have to buy a new one – you are able to fix this problem yourself.

The first step in the process is to ensure that your hedge trimmer is completely switched off – if you have an electric model, unplug it from the power point or remove its battery; if you have a petrol model, unplug the spark plug. This will prevent the trimmer from accidentally turning on whilst you’re using it. You can then carefully examine the blades to determine what actually caused them to jam in the first place. Pruning shears are helpful for cutting away any garden debris that has managed to lodge itself in the blades.

The next step is to place the hedge trimmer on a flat surface so that you can check whether any debris has lodged itself between the teeth of the blade. You can use a wooden dowel to push this debris out from between each tooth, making sure that you’re wearing protective gloves at all times to protect your hands from the potentially sharp blades. Take this opportunity to give your blades a good look over, as if they are cracked or bent they can cause your hedge trimmer to jam. If they are damaged, replace them.

Your hedge trimmer should now be un-jammed and ready to be used once more, providing that you take some preventative measures to lessen its chances of becoming jammed again. You can do this by:

Keeping the blades sharp
Washing the blades down with soap and water after every use (to remove any left over garden debris)
Using a resin remover for excessive sap problems
Applying WD-40 to the blades to keep them newer for longer

To prevent getting your hedge trimmer jammed whilst you are using it, avoid twisting the machine if you become stuck in a bush. This is how the blade can become cracked and the teeth bent. Never increase the power you are using to cut, as this could ruin the mechanics of your trimmer. Instead, slowly and steadily work your way through the bush until you can get the hedge trimmer unstuck.

How To Raise Your Testosterone Levels Through The Roof With The Endocrine Diet

t’s no secret that back in the day men had much higher testosterone levels then they do today. There simply had to be something that motivated men to hack their way through the wilderness, and assemble a civilization. If one is a fan of old photographs, it is not uncommon to find snapshots of men who barely weigh 200 lbs. picking up a train axle.

How did they do it? The answer lay in their high testosterone levels. These days, the average testosterone level of an adult male is 400-500 ng/dL (nano grams per deciliter), with the total possible range between 200-800ng/dL, barring outliers. However, these numbers are shockingly low when you realize that barely 100 years ago, the range of testosterone in adult males was 800-2000 ng/dL!

We’ve become feminized and weak as time has gone by, with society attributing testosterone levels in the range of 800-2000 ng/dL to steroid usage or a weekly injection of testosterone cypionate. The problem with steroids and testosterone cypionate, is that your body will shut down its’ natural hormone production when given the synthetic stuff. So when you come of “the juice,” your body doesn’t remember how to make testosterone and your whole system is out-of-whack. Not to mention the fact that testosterone cypionate is not produced by your system, but rather introduced into it from an external source – and therefore liable to be converted into a slew of nasty by-products including “bad estrogens.”

But why do testosterone levels keep dropping with each successive generation? There are three major factors at play here:

1. Heavy metals, pesticides, fluoride, chlorine and estrogen-mimicking chemicals are wrecking absolute havoc with the receptor sites in our endocrine systems. Just imagine a toxic monkey-wrench being thrown into the delicate machinery that is your endocrine system. It’s hard to escape these poisons, since they saturate our food, our water, and our air.

2. Instead of consuming a diet fit for a predator we are fed a diet fit for a barnyard animal. Meat and fat are maligned despite that fact that testosterone is manufactured from cholesterol, while carbs and sugars are worshiped – the worst form of this idolatry being “high-fructose corn syrup.” Refined sugar wrecks havoc on your endocrine system, and will give you diabetes as surely as smoking will give you lung cancer!

3. We are utterly STARVED for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are ESSENTIAL for the production of testosterone. These nutrients are: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, iodine, iodide, and magnesium chloride. What’s interesting is many of these nutrients are branded as “toxic” and “dangerous,” when in fact they are not.

Now it can be argued that high-testosterone levels are simply not desired in today’s world, where we are expected to sit in cubicles for the better part of our days… where getting into a street-fight can land you in the penitentiary, and where we are expected to swallow ever-increasing affronts to our sovereignty.

Yes, high-testosterone levels are simply not desired… by our masters. 😉

With this in mind, it can be argued that men are being poisoned on purpose – as part of a conspiracy to make sure we stay little boys throughout our entire lives. Testosterone, after all, is the fuel that drives personal growth in a man, and is the source of a man’s courage.

Now before you dismiss this as “conspiracy theory,” remember that fluoride was first introduced into the water supply, in Soviet prisons, in order to keep the prisoners docile. The warden certainly had no interest in preserving the health of his inmates’ teeth!

Okay… so you’re feeling me and want to commit to living a lifestyle that allows for the highest level of testosterone possible…

But what steps should you take?

The first thing you need to do is detoxify! This is easier then you think, and doesn’t require daily enemas or anything messy like that. You also don’t have to drop $500 on a blender and start grinding up expensive organic vegetables. All you need to ingest is zeolite and MSM, an inexpensive form of sulfur.

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral with a specific lattice structure that traps all manner of toxic nonsense and removes it from your body via your urine. Lots of companies sell expensive liquid zeolite, but all the studies that were done used the powdered, micronized zeolite. One can take 1 tablespoon a day of the stuff along with 1 teaspoon of sodium ascorbate, which is buffered vitamin C.

MSM cleans out and regenerates your liver, which is important because if your liver is dirty, testosterone production is going to suffer. One can take 1 tablespoon a day of the stuff, along with 1 teaspoon of buffered vitamin C.

Now you may ask why I am including buffered vitamin C in both drinks? Buffered vitamin C is just soooo incredibly valuable with respect to testosterone production for two reasons:

1.Your adrenal glands are literally made from vitamin C, and millions of men are suffering from adrenal fatigue. This is critical, because if your adrenal glands are burned out, you will NEVER be able to produce high testosterone levels. Forget about all those supplements being peddled for your adrenal glands, just consume as much buffered C (sodium ascorbate) as you can and you will be fine.

2.You need to make friends with cholesterol because your body manufactures hormones from it, yet people are scared of it because the media has gotten people to believe that cholesterol causes clogged arteries. Let me tell you what really happens… most of the population doesn’t get enough vitamin C, so they are actually suffering from sub-clinical scurvy and don’t even know it. Your body uses vitamin C to repair your arterial walls, and when there is not enough vitamin C around, your body gets worried that your arteries may burst. So, lacking in vitamin C, it takes cholesterol and uses it like spackle on drywall to reinforce them. Sure, eventually they will clog and you will die, but it’s better to die a few years down the road from clogged arteries then to die today from ruptured arteries! See, your body is always making decisions by default that will keep you alive for as long as possible. It’s the body’s basic programming: survive and reproduce. In that order!

The thing to remember about vitamin C is that when you take too much orally, you will get diarrhea. In the beginning, given you may be utterly starved for it, you may find you can ingest up to 60 GRAMS a day of buffered C without diarrhea. But as the days go by, you will have to drop the dose to around 5-10 grams ingested over the course of the day, dependent on stress levels.

As an interesting side note, humans are simply not capable of synthesizing vitamin C and require it from external sources. Goats, when under stress, synthesize as much as 150 grams of vitamin C per day in their own bodies!

So I’m sure you can see how these 3 inexpensive powders (zeolite, MSM, sodium ascorbate) are regenerating your adrenals and liver, while detoxifying you of all those nasty chemicals that are gunking up your endocrine system.

But detoxifying yourself is one thing, you must also make sure you are not continually ingesting these poisons orally or through absorption via your skin. Both your drinking water and the water you shower/bathe in needs to be free of fluoride and chlorine. This can be done cheaply with filters on your cold water tap in the kitchen sink, and on your shower head. You can buy a triple-stage filter that removes fluoride, chlorine and everything else for under $200 and you won’t have to buy a replacement filter for at least a year. Or you could buy a photonic water restructurer for around $350 which doesn’t even use a filter. Why spend money and energy lugging around bottles of water?

Next, you have to stop eating refined sugar – especially high-fructose corn syrup! Eat meat, eggs, nuts and vegetables – especially cruciferous ones. Once again, don’t be afraid of fats. Fats make your food taste great, and fat is the only source of energy your body can completely survive on. Try living on just carbs or just proteins. You will die sooner rather then later. Try living on just fat, you will live. As you cut carbs and sugars from your diet, your body will begin to burn fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates. You’ll turn into a fat-burning machine!

Incidentally, am I the only one old enough to remember when chicken actually tasted delicious? I can remember buying a whole rotisserie chicken at the corner deli for $3 and it was the most delicious thing around. These days you might still be able to get a $3 rotisserie chicken at your local supermarket as a ploy to get customers in the door, but that chicken will taste like styrofoam! That’s because they breed these birds to have minimal body fat. Interestingly, back in the 1950s eating meat was promoted to the ladies by the beef industry to keep them slim and trim. Then around the early 1980s (the last time I had a tasty chicken), they put it into people’s minds that eating fat, makes you fat. Seems logical, but only if you are uneducated…

My point is that man should never be afraid to eat mammal. Meat is the only source of nutrition which still has nutrients in it – especially the liver! Liver is so packed with nutrition, it could be stuffed in a bottle and sold as nature’s original supplement. But people turn up their noses when you mention liver to the degree that I can buy organic, grass-fed beef liver at Whole Foods for $3/lb. It’s so cheap, because nobody wants it.